Internships / Theses

We offer students and pupils the opportunity to gain practical experience within the company at any time.

They can get to know various laboratory areas (e.g. chemical laboratory, microbiology, sampling, product analysis). There is also the possibility to work on special tasks (e.g. internships, project work, bachelor and master theses).

For further information on internships and theses, please contact Kathleen Lehmann or the contact person in the desired subject area.


“During my training as a BTA, I already learned some working techniques in the lab, and I was able to apply and even expand on these during my six-week internship at Team Umweltanalytik. My supervisors were always friendly to me and there was a super dynamic in the entire team. All my questions were always answered. I was also very happy that I was able to work and gain experience in all other areas besides biology.”

Oliver (internship experience as part of training to become a biological-technical assistant)

“I had the practical semester of my bachelor’s degree in the field of chemistry at Team Umweltanalytik. The focus was on incorporating a new device. If I had any questions or problems, I was supported and supervised by staff. The colleagues were open and helpful at all times. I was also able to get to know the daily routine in the laboratory and work at other workplaces myself. I was given responsibility and soon felt integrated into the team. All in all, I felt very comfortable and well received during my entire time. The practical semester was the ideal combination of theory and practice.” 

Alexandra (internship experience as part of the practical semester for the Bachelor’s degree)