FÖJ (Voluntary Ecological Year)

Since 1991, we have been an assignment site for the Voluntary Ecological Year. Our long-standing and reliable partner here is the sponsor Valtenbergwichtel e.V in Neukirch/Lausitz. The volunteers working for us are mainly active in the field of environmental analysis.

In the course of an FÖJ, several project weeks take place together with the other volunteers at changing locations. For further information about the Voluntary Ecological Year please contact Mr. Moritz (Valtenbergwichtel e.V.). For information about us as an assignment site, please contact Kathleen Lehmann.


“Through my FÖJ at Team Umweltanalytik, I was able to get to know the different areas of activity in a laboratory and was later able to complete tasks independently, which I particularly enjoyed. In addition, I was able to gain a lot of background knowledge about process technologies in a laboratory. But it was the practical experience in particular that helped me to understand and apply chemical relationships. That will help me in my studies. And that’s exactly why I decided to do an FÖJ in the Environmental Analysis Team.”

Jasmin (Experience report of an FÖJ student as a transition from school to pharmacy studies)

“After school, I was not yet 100% sure in which direction I wanted to develop. That’s why I decided to do an FÖJ in the lab, to make sure that my career aspirations suited me and that my expectations matched reality. I found it very interesting to get an insight into the different areas of activity and to support the team with my work. Every Participant of the FÖJ works on a project during the year – this can be creative, experimental or practical – and can thus bring their own ideas into the company. I was very well received at Team Umweltanalytik and was able to settle into everyday laboratory life very quickly. So if you don’t know yet whether you want to work in a laboratory later on, I can highly recommend an FÖJ at Team Umweltanalytik.”

Maria (experience report of an FÖJ student as a transition from school to training as a chemical laboratory technician)