Examination of materials and products

Are you a producer of materials or products that are to be used in the field of drinking water installations? You need test reports of an accredited laboratory in the field of hygiene tests / KTW-BWGL for the certification procedure or the self-declaration? You do not want to or cannot carry out the factory inspections specified by the certifier yourself? You are looking for a laboratory for special drinking water hygiene tests of your products?

We examine your sample regarding the drinking water hygienic suitability of products according to KTW-BWGL, for example migration tests (among others according to DIN EN 1420, DIN EN 12873-1 and DIN EN 12873-2) as well as microbiological tests (testing of products regarding the promotion of microbial growth according to DVGW W 270, DIN EN 16421 – procedure 2). Please also contact us if you require other drinking water hygiene tests, e.g. for the propagation of pseudomonads in water softeners.


Kathleen Lehmann (Dipl.-Eng. FH)
Environmental analysis / Hygiene tests (KTW-BWGL) / 42nd BImSchV

Further information on this topic, assessment principles and guidelines can be found on the website of the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA).