Healthy employees are our most important asset

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This was also the topic of our company health day. For one day, the focus was on the health of our employees, which unfortunately is often neglected in everyday life.

We started the day with a short workout together. It doesn’t matter if it’s short or long: just 30 seconds can make a significant difference. So the excuse of not having time doesn’t count.

At lunch, the whole team could enjoy the delicious homemade salad buffet. Actually, it is not difficult to put some fresh ingredients on the table and do something for your own health at the same time. A lecture on the topic of “healthy nutrition” rounded off the whole event. Many of our colleagues are already well informed. Nevertheless, there were some helpful tips from the expert and delicious recipe ideas to put what they had learned into practice right away.

Afterwards, it was possible to take individual health tests, e.g. the “Cardioscan”. In the so-called heart and stress measurement, an ECG-accurate three-dimensional heart portrait is created and the individual stress index is determined. Based on this data, specific training recommendations can be discussed, but also indications of possible diseases can be given. However, these must always be clarified again with the doctor.

In another test, the back and trunk muscles were analysed. Muscular imbalances can be detected and appropriate tips for improvement can be given.

Our conclusion for this day: we still do too less for our health, although we already know quite well what our body needs. This starts with drinking enough, eating a balanced diet and also doing small exercises in between at work that have a long-term effect. We don’t want to start when it’s too late, but motivate each other to stay fit and healthy. Investing in health will always pay off sooner or later, we are sure of that.