Sampling on the Königstein Fortress with a spectacular view

Brunnen, Festung Königstein, Wasser, Probenahme

In addition to our routine samples, there are also samples in our laboratory that are somewhat unusual. One of these is the water sample from the Königstein Fortress. At 152.5 m, the second deepest historical well in Germany is located there.

To get to the water, our samplers and their car took a lift 41 m up to the fortress plateau, 240.5 m above Elbe level, where the ride continued to the well house.

The well was sunk as early as 1566 to 1569 at the request of Elector Augustus and a ventilation channel was built to “keep the water fresh”. Initially, a horse mill was built to pump the water. In the 17th century it was replaced by a treadwheel, in which four men had to do their work every day. In 120-litre oak barrels, up to 4320 litres were lifted onto the rock plateau every day.

Later, a wall-mounted steam engine was used for this purpose until finally, in 1911, an electric drive took over the work. 56 years later (1967), water pumping from the well was discontinued, as the fortress was connected to the public drinking water supply. Since 1997, the water pumping with the electric motor from 1911 has been shown to visitors again.

But even when there is no sampling to be done at the moment: Königstein Fortress in Saxony’s Elbe Sandstone Mountains is definitely worth a visit!

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